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Bath Salt Zombies

Bath Salt Zombies is a 2013 film written by Dustin Mills and Clint Weiler directed by Dustin Mills. Bath Salt Zombies is a great short film that was surprisingly good! This film is 70 min long and although it's cheaply made it shows that they had fun making this film. The movie is about a designer drug that makes people crazy and carnivorous. The writers probably got the idea from the Florida incident that happened when a guy ate the face of another person while being on this designer drug aka Bath Salts. I really enjoyed the beginning and the end cartoon style would of loved if they made the whole film in that type of animation. One thing I the movie did bad on was the acting, several actors were just bad but I got over it. I seen million dollars put on other horror movies and they just plain sucked (I'm looking at you Rings) and just don't care and want to put out crap out there just because they have a budget and connections in Hollywood. Bath Salt Zombies was just great and I wouldn't mind watching it a second time.

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