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Written and directed by Darren Wharton, Distorted is about a woman named Sarah (Sarah Callyn) who checks into a hotel room for the evening to meet up with her friend Steve (Sam Edge) out of town, and is terrorized by a sadistic man who runs the establishment. The film follows the events that occur as a result of her stay there. The film starts off with Sarah looking online for a hotel room for two to book for the evening. After calling around, she finally finds one that isn't full, and books it. After arriving she meets James (James Lucas), who is the caretaker there. Despite James' odd behavior, she decides to stay. What we liked: The acting and overall production quality in this film are pretty decent. The cinematography, sound and score were pretty good. There were also some nice camera shots in some of the scenes that really stood out. While it has been done before, this film does a good job of pulling off the concept of a creepy hotel manager. It definitely had a sort of Psycho vibe to it at times. What we thought could have been better: Some of the writing was a bit questionable in spots. This is pretty common in indie films, and doesn't really take too much away from the film as a whole, but there were definitely a couple of moments where things didn't make too much sense given the context of the situation. It would have been nice if Steve had a bit more backstory. He is a key character in this film, and there could have been some more substance to his character. Summary: While it was a bit more on the thriller side, Distorted is a pretty decent film. The times when the horror was there, it was done well, and they had some original ideas that were refreshing. The production quality was not bad at all for an indie production, which is nice to see, and we would definitely recommend this to fans of Horror/Thriller films. Distorted is available now to watch on Amazon Prime.

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