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"1644 The English Civil War rages between the Royalists and Parliament. While death and suffering consume the land, the threat of occult practices and heresy spreads fear into the minds of those still standing." Hex is the debut period-piece horror film from co-writers/directors George Popov, and Jonathan Russell. The film is about enemy soldiers Richard (Daniel Oldroyd) and Thomas (William Young) who are the last two remaining of a battle that took place and ended before the film begins. The soldiers both survived and come back to consciousness to find each other there on the battlefield, and the rest of the soldiers have either died in battle or have left. They confront each other, and after a short fight, Richard chases Thomas into a nearby forest after injuring him. They both soon realize that there is something else in the forest with them, and that they need to work together if they are to survive. For being an indie film with a very small cast and crew, they really managed to create something special. This was also the debut of the sound and cinematography department, and they did an excellent job. The atmosphere in this was awesome which is not only important when it comes to films like this that are largely reliant on the setting and dialogue, but vital. The score, ambient sound, and just overall production was great. Also, the acting was on point, the scenery was perfect, and most importantly it was believable. There wasn't anything that seemed out of place, and the attention to detail was definitely appreciated. Overall, Hex manages to provide a level of quality that a lot of films with bigger budgets miss the mark on, and does it well. Considering that a lot of the cast and crew were working on a feature film for the first time, they all did an incredible job, and we would definitely recommend that horror fans check this one out. Hex can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video here: UK: US: Also follow them on social media here: Twitter: Facebook:

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