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    My history with horror is a bit interesting. I was raised by a grandmother who was, while incredibly strict and had some very set ideals about things, she could also be wildly inconsistent. Meaning that I didn't get to see awesome movies like "Ghostbusters" or "Monster Squad" or old classics like "Dracula" and "Frankenstein", because she didn't like those types of things and thus I wasn't allowed to watch them. But then she'd turn around and watch/let me watch other shit that was far gorier/scarier! So for example, I saw, as a small child, movies on TV like "Night of the Creeps", that scared the living shit out of me and gave me nightmares. A few years later, they even rented John Carpenter's "The Thing", another film that I would not, personally, recommend an 8 year old see. So it's safe to say that I was not really a fan of THAT kind of horror, as a kid. It freaked me the fuck out, and I was young enough, and impressionable enough, that I took everything I saw in movies dead serious, so disturbing shit really disturbed me, and scary shit really scared me, even though I intellectually understood that movies were "fake". However, I WAS a huge monster movie nut as a kid. From around age 8 or so, though I'm sure it might have started a bit younger with things I saw on TV that at this point I just can't remember, I got into Godzilla BIG time, and before that I had been obsessed with Dinosaurs for years. So from age 9 to 13, especially, I was REALLY into classic sci fi, fantasy, and even certain old horror films. Thanks in large part to two shows, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and TNT's "MonsterVision" marathons, I was able to see a lot of old movies that I had not previously been aware of. I was a huge nut for monsters and mythology as well, so I really ate all of that shit up. Into my teens, after my grandmother had passed away, I was finally free to see a LOT of other movies, including finally seeing stuff I should have seen as a kid, like "The Goonies", "Superman", "Ghostbusters", "Aliens", "Big Trouble in Little China", etc etc. Also, I was exposed to a LOT of crappy, often disgusting horror films through one of my friend's sisters, because she was the type to rent horror movies constantly, no matter what they were, or how bad they were. So I've seen a LOT of horror, even a lot that I'm not particularly a fan of at all. Finally, well into my 20s, and then early 30s, thanks to things like Netflix, I went on a tear and finally checked out a lot of classic horror I had never been privvy to before, such as the old Universal Horror greats, and a lot of the Hammer films. Even some 80s horror films that I actually really dig, like "The Gate". So I would say that my tastes in horror vary, but I definitely lean towards classics versus modern (though I DO like some modern films), and I tend to prefer movies about monsters or some other kind of supernatural/paranormal type of thing going on, versus movies about just some guy (or girl) running around murdering people. Slashers and the like have never really been my thing at all, nor am I really much into SUPER gory or "shock value" films. One of my all time favorites WOULD actually (in my teens/adulthood) become Jon Carpenter's "The Thing", though as I explained in my review of it, to me the gore in that film is on the one hand so over the top it's kind of cartoony, but on the other hand, I don't feel like Carpenter was trying specifically to gross people out, and be gross JUST to be shocking. I think the nature of the monster in that story just happened to lend itself to gross effects, and he just ran wild with it. But the gore in that film is NOT the focus, the characters, and paranoia and tension are, and that's why I love it (even though it IS so goddamn bleak). So yup. That's my history and take on horror cinema in a nutshell. Chances are most of the movies I review on here will be classics, older films. Both because I enjoy them, and because I want to turn other people on to seeing/appreciating them as well. But I will also likely do at least a FEW modern films I like, over time, just to mix it up. For anyone interested, here's my blog site, also called Retro Revelations, where I write about all manner of older entertainment media, including films, including some horror films! Cheers! Retro Revelations